June 23, 2010

The Hermes Scarf

Over at Searching for Style, there is a great read about the process behind the making of an Hermes scarf, ultimately becoming a discussion about what luxury is and an explanation for the pricing behind an item that may at first seem extravagant.
These are the kinds of behind-the-scenes glimpses into the business of fashion that I'm always interested in, and the sort of thing I tried to go into (albeit more briefly) when I wrote posts over at my old work that were also called Fashion 101.


wendy from above said...


I have discovered your blog on tuesday when i googled something and your page came up, and read your entire blog ever since the first day you posted in a few hours! Having previously lived in pennsylvania, right now I am a Cultural studies student myself in England. and right now i am interning at a major luxury department store in Istanbul, Turkey.

This is my first week at the merchandising department and i have to be frank- its soooo boring ! all i do all day is to type up bills and buying forms on SAP. (still better than taking photocopies, eh?) but since i work 9-6.30 it gets quite boring, and I do not get paid either. this is why i could sooo relate to your post on unpaid internships and how the interns are treated.

I must admit i have absolutely loved your blog ! it was as if you have been inspired by me ! (haha, not.) I also study walter benjamin, i think he is absolutely brilliant and his and the other frankfurt school thinkers' WWII era theories apply to fashion almost perfectly today !

i loved how you incorporated theories and desings, and how fashion Aactually WORKS and how it is created to be percieved (aka marketed). you do not seem to be along the boring bunch of personal style bloggers who worship themselves and - in my opinion- falsely gratified by designers and other pr ppl in exchange of to start a buzz about whatever they are marketing.

you seem like a tru professional. i likehow you suggested that h&m bag not because of its price, but because of its price/quality ratio and how it was manufactured .

a lot of people, even though they are in the luxury business, tend to forget what fashion is really about, that it is personal and it should be all about self-expression: one should only wear a poncho because he or she feels good and comfortable in it, not because its ,hobo or boho chic or any shizz like that.

well i just wanted to leave you a comment since i thought your posts included a lot of things i've been coping with in the past years. sorry about my uncapped letters and typos since the office computers are shit Windows. ha! lots of love

Giggi xx

fashion in theory said...

Thanks so much for your comments Giggi!! I'm glad there are a few of us kindred spirits out there!

Hermes Scarf said...


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