May 13, 2010

True or False

People in the fashion industry are really contaminated with bad habits. A certain human kindness evaporates once you make a career in fashion. In the beginning you’re really treated badly and then you seem to get accustomed to it. - Joerg Koch, editor of 032c (from a New York Times interview)
I don't necessarily think that this is pervasive or true, because gosh knows I've met so many wonderful, creative and nice people that work in fashion and in magazines. But when I saw this quote posted on a friend's Facebook page (who works in fashion at a Conde Nast magazine), it made me really wonder. Maybe it's a self-perpetuating stereotype rather than an actual truth?


Carla said...

Hmmm.I'm interning in a fashion pr agency and the girls there didn't even look at me or say good morning to me for the first month.Made me feel like nothing!I'm a huge believer in manners and you always remember these moments on your way up.Hope I always remember to say good morning!

CoaFA said...

not entirely sure about this one... a majority of the coordinators and assistants i've interned for have always treated me well but then there are some people who perpetuate that stereotypical cold fashion personality.

though i'm still just in the beginning stages of my career, i don't see how any amount of time could turn me into one of the bitter, cold hearted individuals i've encountered.

it's not hard to say hello, good morning or even flash a smile. even if its a fake pr smile/greeting. (those are the best)

i really enjoy the topics you bring up truc!

fashion in theory said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

I used to think of people as "mean" or "nice" or whatever, but now I honestly believe though that it is the office culture that affects really how people act in a real way. Even the nicest assistant or intern or stylist will be demanding and short under very stressful situations. Alternatively, "mean" or "cold" personalities don't last very long if that kind of behavior is not tolerated by the boss...either they would tone it down or leave or get asked to leave.