May 5, 2010

Dear Interns

Having gone through over a hundred emails today as part of the fashion intern hiring process today, I was incredibly impressed overall with the enthusiasm and experience of the applicants interested in interning for the company that I currently work for. I'm excited to meet and interview our final candidates, and am sorry that we will only need two or three interns this summer.

That having been said, here is a things of what NOT to do when you're apply for a summer internship (in any field, really, not just fashion or the creative industries):
  • I don't need to see your headshots. This is not a modeling agency.
  • If using a template cover letter, sign your name where it currently says "Sign name here" rather than leaving it as is. Or better yet, skip the jargon and write something authentic.
  • If your job objective says you want to work for a company that is not us...then we probably won't be calling you!
  • If you've attached a resume, there is no need for a CV as well - functionally (for us and really any fashion internship) they are the same thing.
To conclude, a few basic tips for your resume:

  • Your resume shouldn't be longer than a page. If it is, shorten it. Mine is less than a page long.
  • PDF's are preferred, although MS Word is fine too. And definitely send resumes as an attachment rather than in the body of the email. 
  • When in doubt, use spell check! And proof read it a second time!
  • Being enthusiastic really shows, and we appreciate it when your cover letter (in the body of the email) shows a genuine interest in the kind of thing we have to offer you! (Shows you actually read the job posting).
I, too, was guilty of some of these offenses. And although I may interview an excellent candidate whether or not their resume is beautifully formatted and one page long, it can honestly be a deciding factor when a candidate is borderline.

[What do you guys think of these tips? Obvious or interesting?]


Carla said...

Words of Wisdom!I am an intern at the moment for a Fashion PR agency in London.Nearly finished there, so will be sending out applications soon for my next venture!

CoaFA said...

very interesting, i definitely agree with all of these but i'd be hard pressed to chop my resume down to just one page :(

and i read your tweet about the "your name here" incident. unreal! i've also worked with interns who i know have a photo of themselves in their resume.


fashion in theory said...

My resume is one was hard at first to get rid of 3 entire years of internship experience, for example. And freelance writing gigs that I had.

But I realized that there were really just one or two things on my resume that interviewers were interested in...and it was best to highlight and explain those experiences better than waste real estate on the rest.