January 18, 2010

TESTing Fashion's Structure

Everything is getting more accessible these days, whether it’s fashion or celebrity. Now everything is within our reach, which is why consumers are becoming fascinated with the process. It’s something that was previously hidden away...I think what we’re seeing is a move towards a more inclusive and open fashion universe.- Jaime Perlman, Art Director of British Vogue
I read this interview with Jaime Perlman, who started her career at American Vogue, on The Business of Fashion today and was much inspired by her forward thinking and openness to embrace change. As someone who has worked her way up the ranks over the years, and now holds a position of influence, Jaime is not threatened by the changes in the field of fashion photography and publishing. Instead, she's embraced the challenge to fashion's "rigidly hierarchical environment" and created a online magazine, Test, where "people at all levels have a voice." What is amazing is Jaime's analysis of how these two things that she works on complements, rather than opposes, each other.

Another must read interview!

[Above, an image from Test.]

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