January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

My style resolution this year? To try harder to show my taste off in a visually comprehensive package. It sounds really silly but I've always favored comfort over drama in the way I dress (I'm not a risk-taker like Susie Bubble or a frequent shopper like Jane Aldridge and while I appreciate design details and have a passion for beautiful construction and unusual silhouettes, it doesn't always show when I put it all together. (It doesn't help that I'm quite petite, limiting the amount of exaggeration I can tolerate on my frame...no dropped croch pants or clam diggers for example!) I would also love to add some more neutrals to my primarily black wardrobe.

What are some of yours?

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Susan said...

I just discovered your blog through final fashion and I love it!

my style resolution is to break out of my "uniform" - black, white, grey and navy .... i love colour tho but it draws so much more attention ... and i want to reveal more of my personality in my clothes ... i'm bohemian with a little bit of glamour thrown in at heart