January 12, 2010

Everyone worth knowing...

I do like that about photography - it is that day, at that time and you’re never able to go back there again. The next day, you’ll be a day older.
I had no idea who Venetia Scott was when I interned at Marc Jacobs years ago when she would come into his 72 Spring Street studio days before the shows to help style the looks (I was so naive, I didn't even know that shows had to be styled by someone other than the designer!).

This really great interview at Ponystep not only covers Venetia's background and influence over the years, but also her views on a host of fascinating topics such as the peril of fashion magazines shooting "full looks" and the changes in her creative process over the years.
I find magazines less and less interesting - I don’t really buy magazines or look at magazines. I mean I’ve got a twelve year old and we were talking about it yesterday - she’ll go on the internet and probably look at something like your magazine more. She would not ever go to a newsagent and buy a magazine. And even here when we get sent ones that I’ve got work in, she’s not really interested in it. In a way I’m doing less editorial because it seems a bit tired now.

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