December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

This year, I got most of everything on my to do and to wear list! The only thing left to look for on Boxing Day is a parka with real fur lining, perhaps like this little Marc by Marc number...

What's still on your list?

December 13, 2009

Speaking of Spring 2010 Shoes...

I've been looking through a TON of and accessories photos for a freelance gig...and there are so many brilliant ones! Here, my top 5 shoes from the runway that I would actually want to wear as well!

From top: Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Versace, YSL and Louise Goldin.

Ps. Looks like I should be stocking up on ankle socks too for Spring.

Note: All photos from

McQueen SS2010 shoes!

I finally saw one in person! So beautiful, and super light! They were size 40 and I'm a size 35 so there was no reason for me to try them on...but I can attest that they are walkable, if not comfortable - I've seen them in action.

To me, this is what high fashion is about - super trendy, original, and makes me so excited that I would even consider buying them for whatever the ridiculous retail price would be! And, too complex and well-made to be knocked off! You won't be seeing these at TJ Maxx or on Canal Street (I hope)!

December 4, 2009

Country Roads Lead to Somewhere

Sorry for the recent paucity of posts! We just got back from a long-awaited visit to Australia, where I was inspired by the California-esque laid-back aesthetic but appalled by the retail prices in all of the Melbourne boutiques. Comparable clothes (even those designed in Australia and produced in China, as most were) cost at least 25% more than in the United States!!

(Over lunch with a friend who is a designer for a hip Australian sportswear company, I found out that high taxes and duties contribute to this price difference...the example she gave me is a $20 top from China will cost the company $40 total...and after the wholesale and retail markups that top will end up costing the consumer a cool $160. Eek!)

One place where I was tempted to make a purchase was at Country Road, which aesthetically reminded me of Montauk or the Hamptons meets Ralph Lauren...nautical and casual, but infused with a chic minimalist core. A city girl in the country, perhaps.