August 24, 2009

The September Issue

In case you're not a voracious reader of NY-based fashion blogs, The September Issue, that oh so famous Vogue magazine documentary, comes out Friday!! Fashion Week Daily has the theatre info for Manhattan, and you bet I'll be there this Friday night to watch Anna and Grace banter it out!
Fashion is a religion. This is the Bible.
Thoughts? How relevant do you think any single medium or even magazine title is in today's age of hyper fragmented audiences and uber niche markets?

You can check out the trailer here.

August 13, 2009

Fashion and Antifashion

Anti-fashion attempts a timeless style, tries to get the essential element of change out of fashion altogether. - Daniel Miller, Consumption: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences
The longer I work in "fashion," the more I am obsessed with the idea of "anti-fashion."

Basically, whereas the former is about trends and change, the latter is about a way of dress that is seasonless and conceptually driven. I'm not talking about a punk aesthetic or the denunciation of clothing and consumption; rather, it's (for me) the appreciation of core products for my lifestyle that are well-designed, well-made, and will last for many years within my wardrobe. I like the idea of replacing pieces because they're worn out, not just because I've experienced visual fatigue of a particular trend (boyfriend jeans, for example).

For that reason, one of my favorite brands -at least theoretically speaking- is Mary Ping's Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Based in New York, the label aims to "push and produce interesting and significant pieces from the simplest fabrics and materials" and "yield a limited number of fresh pieces in a regulated pace throughout the calendar year. This accelerated pace is a commentary on modern fashion’s temporal nature." Each series focuses on refining (not revolutionizing) beloved silhouettes in fashion, resulting in simple, crisp designs that are visually appealing and yet familiar. The idea of seasonal trends is rendered obsolete - in fact, I've been wearing the wedge shoes pictured for two years and it's never gone in or out of style (although they continue to garner compliments frequently). Styles from each series are simply sold until stock runs out!

This is perhaps the other side of the "fast fashion" coin.


August 9, 2009

And I'm Back!

Sorry for the brief hiatus, my dear readers (if any of you are still out there)! I've decided to start blogging again! Too many beautiful things not to share and talk about.

While I was away, I got a chance to graduate from my Master's degree in Communication and Culture, move to New York City, and immerse myself in all sorts of wonderful and challenging things.

Ps. Isn't this Erdem Fall 09 dress amazing? I tried it on at the office a few months ago though and alas its proportions are too challenging for my petite frame. Sad!