November 11, 2009

The end of Luella?

For me, Luella has always been a quirky favorite. One of those brands whose samples I always relished trying on and requesting for work, because the adorable girly shapes and frou frou fabrics created a sense of romance on the bleakest of days. And yet, as much as I loved looking at the clothes, I never ordered or bought at retail anything from the British label. Perhaps this is because I thought the quirks and romance of bows and ribbons had no place in my practical New York life.

And it seems like I was not alone. In yesterday's Woman's Wear Daily, it is revealed that the brand is being shuttered and its Spring 2010 collection (which was just shown weeks ago at London Fashion Week) will not be sold.

I wonder, aren't we supposed to use fashion as an escape, especially during a recession?

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