September 13, 2009

Why Fashion Shows Still Exist

Sorry for the brief posting hiatus, dear readers. A small trip out of state and many nights up late prepping for New York Fashion Week tickets and schedules for Europe for editors have me burning the candle on both ends.

I love the pieces above from VPL's Spring 2010 collection, shown in New York at Pier 59 this past weekend. They might not look like much from the image, but in person the nylon netting and shoulder pad details are exquisite and ethereal rather than pale and homely. If I hadn't seen these looks up close and personal, my review or perspective of the Spring collection would perhaps be much different.

And that, of course, is why fashion labels still have shows, previews, and resees for both the media and buyers despite the exorbitant price tag. Because we have not lost the value in seeing something in three dimensions.

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