October 31, 2007

A Sign of the Times??

So sad! Now you can pay to intern for free!! Madness.

What does everyone think of this? I mean, it's bad enough that interns (who are fabulous) can't get paid these days, and that you can't get a good magazine job without at least one good internship...and that most internships require school credit (which means you're metaphorically paying to learn at the internship)...but now...it's a prize to intern?? Even if the money goes to charity, this is a sketchy prize!

[Full disclose: I've done over 7 internships throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees, just because of the nature of the fields I was interested in (fashion design and publishing). Also, I've supervised up to 5 interns at a time, and have hired at least a dozen over the years for various workplaces...and I love my interns (and love having them, if I'm going to be honest).]

October 21, 2007

Attention fashionistas


I'm selling this Moschino boot lamp on Ebay. I love it, but my husband won't let me put it up in our house. Maybe one of you guys might be interested.

Moschino introduced these really cool lamps in the shape of handbags, boots and lace-up corsets at the Milan furniture fair in April, and this was my favourite of all the shapes. You can read about them here: