September 13, 2007

Marc Jacobs and Punctuality

What do you think?

I thought that today's article from Women's Wear Daily was fascinating.
"I work my ass off," he said. "I don't take vacations, I don't have homes all over the world, I don't ride horses: I f---ing work for a living. Again, like this idea, you have a family? OK, well that's nice, I don't, and I work. So leave me alone and don't come to the show next time."
This was Marc's comment to WWD, but I am not sure what I feel on the issue. On the one hand, I agree with him about the logistical and production problems with European factories being closed for weeks and weeks in the summer time, and I have actually experienced first hand what it's like in his 72 Spring Street studio in the weeks leading up to a show (NOT pretty). Yet, isn't it HIS choice to do the men's, women's and marc by marc collections? And live in Paris for most of the year to work on Vuitton but keep his namesake lines in Manhattan?

Does anyone else care about this besides me? :)
And what did everyone think of the collection? I have to see the clothes in person I think to really form an educated opinion. Right now, my instinct is a small bit of shock and a large bit of disappointment (I wouldn't spend thousands on those pieces, irony and revolutionary or not). But we'll see how its influence ripples out (or not) across the other collections...


Danielle said...

The Jacobs bruhaha is very interesting, as it always is. Given that he is deliberately provoking with this collection, isn't he inviting a few bad reviews just to get the buzz going? His comments where it seems like he expects nothing but positivity seem a tad unrealistic but then I guess he's a bit exhausted and pissed off?

On one hand I feel like Jacobs is one of those fashion students who make such an ostentatious deal of "I was up all night in the lab waaa" and whose ambitions to put out how many collections - like 5? - are too big for six months?

I guess the telling thing is if these big plans pay off with a collection of quality (debatable) or a collection that sells (probably). I have a grudging respect for Jacobs, but often I have an uneasy feeling that the "concepts", the lateness, the ambition, are all carelessly calculated but audacious enough to be mistaken for genius.

Henna said...

Hmm, I agree with Danielle. I have a feeling that he's going to look back on his comments one day, ok probably not, but if he did, he would think that he was blowing things out of proportion and generally just whining way too much. I wasn't there but 2 HOURS LATE?! I get that moving the show up a week and all that was a problem for him, but please. A

nd telling critics to shut up or not come at all is lame. You know you're going to put yourself out there so if you can't handle the critics, just ignore them and live in your own bubble!

Ian L. said...

Sometimes when you read comments like that, it's easy to take things out of context. But as I read the article, the picture was clear: get a good nights sleep! 8 hours of sleep can do wonders for the mind and soul. I realize that sleep is an expensive luxury these days but you can't live without it and in Marc's case, you can't put a fashion show on time without it.

Ok, but seriously now. This looks to me like a case of poor leadership. Marc is the captain of the ship but he needs a strong second in commmand. A #2 that can execute the medium and smaller details while he focuses on the larger.

One of the qualities that makes a great leader is someone that has enough faith in their subordinates to let them do their jobs without micro-managing absolutely everything. So if Marc had more faith in his #2 and #3 commanders, assuming he has people in those positions, he could have went home the day before the show, caught a few zzz's, took a nice hot shower and be fresh and ready the next day.

Think of all the big name designers such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, Valentino, etc. that put on shows. They work hard but they don't do everything. They have faith that other people can do their jobs as well.

On a different tangent, what is or what will, Marc Jacobs be remembered for? Other american designers have a strong, clearly identifiable brand. Ralph has the polo, American elite, Great Gatsby look. Calvin has the clean, minimalist look. Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera have the ladies who lunch look. When I think of Marc Jacobs, I draw a blank.

Julie said...

Part of me wants to relate to Marc on this one, its like well not everyone has the same priorities in life, you know I will show late, so just go home if you don't like my schedule.

Like Simon Doonan was leaving when I arrived and his answer to why he left (and he wrote about it on Barney's) was well I knew I could just see it later!

But the other part of me is annoyed that Marc deliberately does the late thing and I am convinced this is the case. Everyone knows he shows late and so he just feeds into the mania. It has become his biggest publicity coop.

geekigirl said...

I kinda feel for the guy, and I would say the same thing to people if they pulled that "we have children and families" bs with me.

The media always bashes him for being late, but yet they always come and grudgingly wait. If you want to give Marc a strong message, don't show up. Don't go to LV in Paris, don't do Marc by Marc or Marc Jacobs. Actions speak louder than words people.

Other than that I loved the collection. The shoes, bags and hats were amazing. I think the clothes were totally unwearable, but who knows what will actually show up in the stores next year. I'm sure he's got some wearable stuff that he didn't show that the buyers will see.

It's funny, whenever the masses hate a Marc Jacobs's collection I always love it.

fashion theory said...

lots of interesting points, ladies.

thank you.

i wonder too, if there are more "saleable" items that we didn't see there. i can just see the merchandisers/pr/sales folks and robert tsk'ing at the boards and asking marc how they're supposed to sell this collection. haha i've seen that happen.