September 3, 2007

The Fashionista Diaries

This show on Soapnet is hilarious and very, very unrealistic. As someone who has been and will likely again in the future be an assistant at a magazine, these characters have responsibilities more like interns would...

But hey, it's still highly addictive.

And this comment from Bridget from Radar Online is hilarious:
"It's tough, because they're making us work, like, long hours, and we have to answer to people. Plus, we all worked so hard to get to the top of our fields. Having to do this stuff is like starting over."
First of all, she IS an assistant - what did she expect? Long hours are par for the course. And I really doubt that at the age of 24 that any of these contestants are at or close to the top of their field. People at the top of their fields don't quit their day jobs to go on a reality show about fashion-industry assistants.

Does anyone else out there watch the show?


Julie said...

Bridget is the queen of mumblecore!

I doubt she is ever going to be at the top of ANYTHING!

Now JanJay and Tina is a different story. They have got the goods

kara said...

I don't watch TV at all so when I fly jet blue I am in a zonnnnnnnne, and it's reality whenever possible! I say if you are going to go TV zombie out, make the most of it hah.