July 15, 2007

Book Review: Falling Out of Fashion

Falling Out of Fashion
by Karen Yampolsky

So, I'm sure as everyone's heard by now, Jane magazine is dead. Not even the website will go on. I have a former colleague and friend who worked there (though not close) and was saddened to hear of its abrupt demise. The August issue will be the last - I wonder what they'll send me now to complete my subscription!

Anyway, so at Barnes and Noble yesterday I hunkered down and read "Falling Out of Fashion" very quickly. Written by a former assistant of the infamous Jane Pratt, the book chronicles not very discreetly some version of the rise and fall of Jane (and Sassy, really). As a magazine addict and industry employee, I thought it was a good fluffy read, but definitely not Devil Wears Prada calibre. The things Yampolsky reveals (editor perks and swag, for one) are old news these days, and the story is too true to life to be captivating.

The story begins as "Jill" goes to prep school and ends with her firing from the helm of her eponymous magazine, and it was with irony that I read the last section which predicted the demise of the magazine without its founder. At the time, the predictions might have seemed wistful (the triumph of personality over commerce and advertising dollars!)...but now they've come true!

Still, not really a book worth reading.

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