April 4, 2007

Taste is Personal?

Good taste, bad taste. The whole idea is so subjective depending on context and the target consumer, I'm starting to find out. For instance, the H&M t-shirt above was recently featured by New York magazine as a great, fun and cheap purchase. It was presented to the magazine's readers as something they could or should wear for Spring.

Interestingly, the very same shirt caught my eye months ago when it arrived in H&M stores in Toronto...at the beginning February. I bought it for a photoshoot about postmodernism [Julie: Don't ask! lol] and pastiche. But basically, it was for a really fun shot where we had ridiculous makeup, clothes and styling. We called it the UGLY-chic outfit, perfect for some ironic hipster fun...

Photographer credit: James K

So maybe it's all starting to make sense!

Or at least, this post proves that taste is fairly personal.

What do you guys think? Do you think anyone that's out of high school should be wearing such colours and motifs?


Henna said...

I don't know if the shirt is a MUST HAVE, but you are rocking it. I like.

Carissa said...

I could see this exact outfit featured on the Facehunter, although with different hair.

fashion theory said...

haha thanks for the comments y'all!

i should clarify that the model is not me though! her name is jillian.