April 1, 2007

Joe Fresh

Despite my personal issues with Joe Fresh, which is a *very* cheap fashion line sold at Loblaws grocery stores in Canada, I think it's conceptually brilliant and quite scary.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Joe Fresh, it's like Forever 21 meets Club Monaco. Insanely cheap prices made possible by overseas manufacturing in Asia, but enlightened by good design philosophies and a clean aesthetic (like Club Monaco or J.Crew, Joe Fresh is all about neutrals, basics with great colour, etc) that isn't motivated by trends like fast fashion stores like Zara and Forever 21. Like Target, the focus is on good, trendy design that is (by virtue of economies of scale rather than poor quality) affordable. $16 ballet flats in great colours? Amazing!

No wonder, since the designer/owner of the company is the same Joseph Mimram who founded Club Monaco so many years ago (another Canadian company!), before selling out to Ralph Lauren.

Photo caption: Joe's Spring line

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