April 10, 2007

Ego and Rebirth

Fashion Week Daily has a great interview with Tom Ford, formerly of Gucci. Ford today showed his new Manhattan digs off to top fashion editors and journalists.

In the 1990s, I used to really like the sexy, minimalist Tom Ford for Gucci look. All black had never looked hotter. But now, I think for this era I have to wonder if it's a little overkill. Luxury is always in, but there's something over the top about this reincarnation. But I guess the clothes will speak for themselves, when they are revealed to the public (ie us!).

My favourite part:
Who’s your male muse?
“I think you’re looking at him. I think it’s me.”
But in a way, I agree with his design philosophy for his men's store and line:
Did you approach your upper-echelon price point with any reservations? [Made-to-measure suits start at $5,000; ready-to-wear suits at $3,200; shoes, at $1,100; shirts, at $350; ties, at $165; and socks, at $75.]
"I believe that the high end is the place to be, or the low end. I think those things in the middle are the things that don’t interest me. I wear Levi’s and T-shirts from the Gap, and then if I wear a jacket, I want to wear a beautiful jacket. I don’t really understand that middle level.”

Speaking of which, what’s your take on doing a bridge line? Will there ever be a Tom by Tom Ford line?
“Oh, I just don’t care about that at this moment in my life. I don’t care about that customer. I just don’t care. I care about authenticity. I’m interested in doing the best or I’m interested in doing something that could be broad but good design. And that’s very interesting too. I haven’t done that yet. High design at a price point everyone can afford is very interesting too, because it is the best: it’s the best in term of design that it can be and in term of industrial manufacturing. And then this is the best in terms of handmade and the highest level you can have. That’s fun.”
High and low are what I'm interested in personally as well. I have H&M, I have Prada (a little bit at least) and it's the middle market brands such as DKNY and so forth that I'm rarely purchasing these days. Between fast fashion and timeless/luxury fashion, all my sartorial and ego needs are set.

What do you think?

Photos: FWD

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