March 16, 2007


Dear Readers,

Apologies for the lack of posts!! Once I hand in my 30 page paper (draft 1) on Monday, tie things up and work and prep for shoots and stories next week, finish my MA project (draft) by next Friday, and move to another country in 2 weeks I'll have more time to post.

In the meantime, some visuals from MY project. This particular shoot was styled in relation to Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction."

On Monday, I'll also post photos and a review of Toronto Fashion Week.



Julie said...

Benjamin? seriously? That is almost as funny as the time a stylist friend of mine was like you know what would be cool, like a shoot with like a modeling styling another model, it would be like a shoot within a shoot? Like do you think conceptually anyone has done that sort of thing in like art before?

I almost passed out.

Julie said...

OK I get it now. Sorry. Glad this is about the narrative shortcomings of editorial or else we might have quite the debate on our hands here.

fashion theory said...

Julie! I emailed you also but basically the inspiration for the shoot was Benjamin, but really it was about fakes and authenticity within fashion in general, using his piece as a starting point.

For example, I am also writing about John Walker's Art in the Age of Mass Media and Wim Wenders' film Notebook on Cities & Clothes in my essay that accompanies the photos (8 in all) in the editorial. The point was to use mass market fashions that were derivative of "designer" clothing (ie the Balenciaga deep pleated skirt done by H&M, YSL's Muse bag from Urban Outfitters) and shoot them in the same manner as a "regular" fashion shoot. Because photography FLATTENS (or at least hides) the differences between the original and the reproduction (things like material, finishing details, etc), for the viewer there is no difference (except as will be identified in the fashion "credits" that I'm putting on the pages). I'm also interested in the fact that most viewers (like my friends) wouldn't know of the original - so for them these garments and accessories appear as authentic or it's not even an issue.

kn said...

School wha? j/k...very interesting. I think the whole authentic/reproduction ignorance issue is all around so fascinating throughout art forms (art, music, fashion).
That said, I love the photos.