March 7, 2007


Jean Baudrillard is dead at 77! For those of you not familiar with Simulation and Simulacra and such writings that are so pertinent to Cultural Studies scholars, the New York Times writes:
The French critic and provocateur Jean Baudrillard, whose theories about consumer culture and the manufactured nature of reality were intensely discussed both in rarefied philosophical circles and in blockbuster movies like “The Matrix,” died yesterday in Paris. He was 77.
Most well-known for his writings on the importance of the sign, Disney World, and the futility of fighting the system, Baudrillard also, at one point in Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign (1981) brilliantly noted that:
Fashion embodies a compromise between the need to innovate and the other need to change nothing in the fundamental order. It is this that characterizes `modern' societies. Thus it results in a game of change.
Ps. Artwork is by Barbara Kruger.

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Julie said...

May he rest in peace. Excellent quote about fashion. Wish I had used that myself