March 17, 2007

Cathy Horyn and Vogue

On a recent blog post, Cathy Horyn writes:
I absolutely agree with Autre that there’s way too much focus in the fashion world on money and celebrity lifestyle, and a media functioning as the new service class is partly to blame. American Vogue has made this its bread and butter, influencing what the industry thinks. Vogue is very successful and, at the same time, it’s old and out-of-touch. The magazine has always done a credible job covering the arts and politics (thanks to Julia Reed), but even allowing for the fact that wealth is historically part of its turf, the magazine doesn’t give you a new experience consonant with the changes in American life. It gives you old business: daughters with lucky DNA in New York or L.A. If I was an entrepreneur or a creative person in Silicon Valley, or Austin, or Seattle, why would I care?
What do you think?

She's feisty, that one. I love her honesty and am curious if anything (drama) will come from this.


Imaginary Socialite said...

please tell me you're sick of the reader dissertations too!

fashion theory said...

haha well it's her fault for encouraging that one guy...