February 25, 2007

T Style Magazine

I am loving the Spring issue!! So many gorgeous pictures - but one question: why aren't most of the articles half as compelling as the visuals??? READ HERE
My government will introduce legislation bequeathing all my titles, dominions, realms, chattels, corgis, etc., and so on, in perpetuity, to my loyal collection of handbags . . .” Tell me, now. Would it have surprised you had Queen Elizabeth II included this item in her annual recital of actions to be taken by Her Majesty’s government in the coming year? Would it have surprised Her Majesty? How would we know?
Her favorite razor is Gilette’s Venus. She prefers Skintimate foam, changing scents with her mood. She uses only natural lotions like Aveeno because scented lotions have alcohol, which dries out the skin. To remain nick-free, she always uses warm water and doesn’t understand why some women believe cold makes for a closer shave: it only makes the hair stiff; you scrape rather than glide.
What is a personal shopper? I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that a personal shopper is someone who shops for you personally. She may be part of the customer services offered by retailers; she may be a free agent conferring advice, expertise and opinions for you alone. Personal shopping is only a luxury if you know exactly how you look trying on things in the dressing room.
I LOVE Cathy Horyn to death, but these other articles put me to sleep!!!

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