February 24, 2007

PHD in Fashion?


I'm not too seriously considering it, even if it means that I'm doomed to teaching.

Some great programs for aspiring fashionistas/communicators at the London College of Fashion. Oh well! Instead, I stayed in Canada and got my education paid for by school and the government - I guess being debt free is just as good!! The tuition fees for international students? £10,095 per year!!

MA Fashion Journalism
Level: Postgraduate
Duration: 15 months full time or 30 months part time
MA Fashion Journalism responds to the growth of the fashion media and the changing character of fashion journalism which is creating a demand for multifaceted communicators who are highly articulate, analytical commentators on fashion, style and popular culture, and can demonstrate a broad knowledge of fashion in its cultural context.

MA History and Culture of Fashion
Level: Postgraduate
Duration: 15 months full time or 30 months part time
MA History and Culture of Fashion provides an opportunity to apply cultural theory and methodology to the critical study of contemporary and historical fashion, through original research and examination of text, object and image.


One very interesting PHD thesis...(well, at least to my area of research)

Ane Lynge-Jorlen
Reading Niche Fashion Magazines: Production, Text and Audience

This project explores the field of niche fashion magazines, arising out of the British tradition of style magazines of the eighties. It firstly investigates the position of niche fashion magazines within the wider system of fashion, focusing on the mediation of the notion of fashion. Secondly, it methodologically integrates three main modes of exchange of 'fashion messages' by investigating a magazine's productional and institutional setting and encoding of fashion notions, the textual components of the fashion magazine, and the decoding processes involved in reading fashion magazines. The project draws on media and communication studies, sociology and fashion theory and involves ethnography at fashion magazines, reader interviews and participant observation.


Danielle said...

Wow, is that the course you will be taking for your PHd? If you can, blog about what you are studying - I'd be really interested to get a peek into the fashion academia world. (maybe I'm a little envious =)

fashion theory said...

nah. for now i'm sticking with my MA in communication/culture. my thesis is on fashion magazines, but i would rather (at this point) work at a magazine than write papers about it.

amit said...

Hey this is amit from India an Msc Fashion n i wish to pursue my phd in Fashion theory n m very much in love wd d vogues n elles n bazaars so can u please guide me like how to go about it my email add is amitchotrani@gmail.com

the unknown said...


if one insists on bein' superficial, aint a sin to add some intellect to it eh?