February 6, 2007

NOT an Advertorial


I like how honest Cathy Horyn and other newspaper writers can be - that's the privilege of newspaper journalism, even if you can't get as much swag! There isn't the demand from above to appease advertisers or keep controversial comments at bay. Even if it means that you're not invited to the shows (ahem...Carolina Herrera has not invited the New York Times to her shows for 2 seasons now after a scathing review. How immature!).
Still, if Browne could have thought of one more thing to do to these clothes, I don’t know what it would have been. The suit coats had deep double side vents and some of the overcoats had vents up to the bottom, an unflattering picture, with trim and little extras that suggested an inability to step back from his work and say to himself, “Come on, Thom, really…”

Between the shorts and the longer silhouette of stern high-buttoned coats and midi-skirts, you had a cross between a hobbit and Abraham Lincoln. I don’t know what to make of tent-shaped capes trimmed out in white fur. What I disliked most about the collection, though, was the air of virtue and sincercity. It wasn’t real. It was an exercise gone too far. And Browne has the goods. He has solid ideas.

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Bargainista said...

Agreed. What's really starting to bother me is when bloggers hide under the guise of unbiased opinions when they are being paid, etc. by companies to flog their wears.

I realize we can't compare what we do to NYT etc. but...

I like having the freedom to write what I want. Sometimes I wonder if readers think I'm being paid - NOT!

The other day I was on a website that makes a point of telling the community about advertising on the site. However, one of the commmenters was an advertiser who didn't disclose her relationship to readers. I know her, the website owner and their personal and professional connections.