February 22, 2007

Marchesa, or Yet Another Case of Connections Versus "Talent"

Whatever talent is, I thought that today's NYT article on Marchesa was interesting indeed.
Within a year, and with no fashion credentials to boast of, Ms. Chapman and Ms. Craig had decamped for Hollywood, where they were stunned, they say, to see their extravagantly sparkly evening dresses enhancing the contours of Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansson, Felicity Huffman, Anne Hathaway and Penélope Cruz.
Hollywood power stylists, designers and influential editors, few of whom would speak on the record for fear of offending Mr. Weinstein, say that Ms. Craig and Ms. Chapman, both 30, have yet to earn their laurels. “People are asking, ‘How is it these two young gals with nothing but a lot of money behind them can put themselves out there as a brand,’ ” said Patricia Black, the director of a fashion showroom in New York, who stresses that she does not share that view. Giuseppe Cipriani and Steven C. Witkoff, partners in the Witkoff Group real estate company in Manhattan, are Marchesa’s high-powered investors. Mr. Weinstein, too, has made timely contributions in amounts the company would not disclose.
Although they did work as a textile designer and a costume designer for a few years before starting this label, which is more than...many others! Anyway, I wouldn't date someone my dad's age for anything, but then again I'm also not half as beautiful as Ms. Chapman. So it's not even an option!

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