February 4, 2007

Fashion Week Rules According to PR

LOVELOVELOVE it! She's hilarious. And I suppose there's a lot of wisdom behind all these "rules."

From Fashion Week Daily

Eye of the Storm
Kelly Cutrone lays down the Fashion Week rules

Sunday, February 04, 2007

(NEW YORK) Well, well, well, here we are, my friends. Fashion Week has begun, and frankly, I cannot believe the great lengths people will go to get on your radar, profile, and backstage speed dial. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to discuss what a fashion show is. A definition cannot be found in Webster's, Wikpedia, or the OED, so I will take it upon myself to define “fashion show.”

A fashion show is a live event whereby a designer invites guests, which include members of the press, retail buyers, and celebrities in an effort to increase their brand awareness, communicate their message, and ultimately drive sales. They employ models, producers, press offices, musical directors, dressers, caterers and more to help them manifest their vision for the season.

It is not:
1. A dating service
2. A self esteem-boosting rally
3. A non-profit event
4. A cocktail party
5. A content provider for your MySpace page
6. A networking social
7. Easy
8. Glamorous
9. A place to explain who you are and where you come from and why you are important in detail and at length

Rules of the back of house:
1. If you are a major player, you know it, and you will be treated as such.
2. If you are not a major player, remember that with every breath you draw, act respectfully—the PR person has decided to cut you a break. Act accordingly. When a producer/publicist asks something of you, go out on a limb and know deep in your heart they are doing their job and if they wanted to power trip, they would find a much more exciting way to do it.
3. Do not eat all of the food.
4. Do not shoot photos of 16-year-old girls as they are changing.
5. Do not eat or drink near the clothes.
6. Do not bring your cousin from Minneapolis with you and try to pass them off as an assistant.
7. Do not check in under the name of your boss as your boss.
8. Do not pretend to be someone you are not—literally, do not pretend to be Hamish Bowles, Carla Sozzani, or Anna Piaggi.
9. Do give people their space.
10. Do understand that PR person you are hugging, grabbing, or speaking to with your wine breath has met 50 versions of you already that day.
11. Do not complain about how tired you are or how horrible you were treated or how the PR company did not thank you for their Christmas card.
12. Do open your eyes and look around. Become excited that on this planet right now, at this very moment, despite what is happening, there are a group of people who care about beauty, are driven by its communication and celebration, and stand back and say, “Wow I am here—what a blessing. I will make the best of it.”

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