January 5, 2007

Same same...not different

Since I just got back from my trip in Asia, where the only fashionable things I did were shop a lot, read fashionweekdaily.com and update my interior design blog for the Toronto Interior Design Show...I've been at home catching up on my magazine subscriptions.

I love fashion magazines. I really do. Heck, I'll be working at a few this year if things go as planned! But it's funny and sad to see the same information, editorials and trends repeated in a way that you only notice when you are reading Fashion, Flare, Cosmo, etc, in succession. There is little original content - because fashion is necessarily cyclical and about small aesthetic steps rather than "real" or sudden change - not to say that the mags aren't educational and entertaining, which is what most readers expect. As well, you'll see the same products raved about in the market pages of the fashion and beauty sections, and the same product-friendly "experts" throughout.

It's just frustrating I suppose to understand the limits of your chosen profession.

In the meanwhile, there are blogs like Almost Girl and Imaginary Socialite to fill the void, at least for me. (Although I should note they have their own unique sets of pros and cons.)

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