January 9, 2007

Editors as celebrities?

I've always hated that Olay (I think?) commercial with the beauty editor's endorsement. What is the fascination with women's magazine editors? Also, what about the impartiality that they are supposed to project? Geez.

In WWD today, Amy Wicks writes:

More magazine readers may be having trouble discerning the difference between editorial content and advertisements, but Elle fashion editor
Nina Garcia apparently had no qualms about appearing in an ad campaign for BlackBerry — set to appear in the March issue of her own magazine. The ad, called "Ask Nina Garcia Why She Loves Her BlackBerry," lists reasons she depends on it for her job. "At the fashion shows, photo shoots, editorial meetings, traveling or shopping, it doesn't leave my side," says Garcia in the ad. What about during filming of "Project Runway"? The question is, does an editor risk losing credibility by momentarily taking off the edit hat for a piece of the ad game? Fashion editors, purposefully or not, regularly advertise a wide range of brands just by selecting what will appear on the cover and inside the pages of their magazines.

BlackBerry said it selected Garcia as a spokeswoman because of her profile from "Project Runway" and her significant role at Elle.

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