January 6, 2007

Art and Fashion

In tomorrow's New York Times Style section there is a little feature on fashion retailers that showcase "art" alongside clothes and also clothing that is "curated" much in the manner of art. This of course piqued my curiosity but in the end I didn't understand the hype. The clothes are cute but aside from the fact that it's handmade by some hipster - what makes it art? Isn't stock in normal clothing stores also curated - i mean, someone had to buy them...is calling that buyer a buyer and not a curator the difference?

Nevertheless, I think the shoes are killer cute...


Carissa said...

People like to think that they are sophisticated, so they call themselves curators. Whatever helps you to sleep better at night..

fashion theory said...

The thing is, I volunteered in the Textiles dept of a huge museum last year and the curator is amazing in terms of degrees, books written, etc. She is a curator because she has huge knowledge of the history and development of clothing and knew the differences between textiles and shapes, etc.

The people "curating" for these shops are just stylists or designers and not fully (like, PHD level so 5-10 years of post grad) educated decision makers.