December 7, 2006

Model Ethics...?

Is it great that magazines are being more realistic or terrible that we're regulating the industry so religiously? Maybe I'm just biased because I'm a 00 and have size 4 feet and can't buy nice shoes except here in SE Asia...

[FROM Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (12-06-06)]

Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.S. has already picked up on the changing thinking. Kate White, editor-in-chief, recently created a policy against running illustrations of women who are too thin. "We were looking at some illustrations for the magazine and I thought, 'We just have to put more meat on their bones,'" said Ms. White, who rejected the drawings and ordered up new ones. "In photographs, we make a real effort to use models who are not extraordinarily thin, but it's tricky because fashion models tend to be thin," she said. Starting with the February issue, Cosmopolitan illustrations of women now have to feature women who look like they wear a size 6 or 8, she adds.

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